Fri, September 20, 2019 | 07:22

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Light Curtain

• Microcontroller based TX and RX
• High speed scanning
• 4m detection range
• Timeout function
• Robust and slim profile (9mm width)

Benefits :

 Improves passenger safety

  Protects lift doors

  Optimises lift uptime

Features :

 Microcontroller based TX and RX

 Unrivalled software

  Designed for new and existing lifts

 High speed scanning

 2 Diagnostic LEDs

  4m detection range

  Power Reduction software

  Timeout function

  Latest component generation

  Light immunity: 100,000 lux

  Robust and slim profile (9mm width)

  Logic output NPN-PNP with N/C or N/O transistor

  Flexible mounting (static or dynamic)

  EMC approval



طراحی سایت، هاست (هاستینگ)، ثبت دامنه - رادکام